Year 2018
We already had our name, signature, and we settled as a company in Argentina, while we continued to grow in development, doing the first tests with composite materials in fixed-wing vehicles. In light of the emerging high-density battery, microprocessor and control technology, we began our first UAV investigations and calculations.
We started the development of rotary wing vehicles, multi-copter, starting a development that would take us until mid-2019; resulting in our first model.

Year 2019
Satisfied with the performance of our platform and with a view to meeting new market demands, several new projects were born at the end of 2019, projects that have mostly been consolidated and others in which they are in the construction and testing phase.

Year 2020
We are doomed to start operations with our first large-scale service for large clients: Automated Stock Control Services with drones for a multinational company.
Using unique technology and accumulated experience, the company develops and manufactures tactical UAV systems (UAS), tactical aerostat systems (TAS) and subsystems.
Today the company's headquarters are in the United States.
All activities at UNG Systems meet the highest standards. (ISO 9001 - 2008 qualified).

Workshop divided into sectors of electronic / mechanical acts for research + development tasks

In a 140,000m2 frame we have our own runway for private use, facilitating testing tests and flights in general.

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CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder Architect Specialized in Business Development


CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer


CIO - Chief Information Officer

Software and algorithmic programmer

Marketing Digital