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We develop solutons with autonomous stock control drones to help companies avoid losing billions of dollars annually due to the loss of merchandise in their warehouses.

5 Problems

INVENTORY CONTROL IN WAREHOUSES Shortcomings to Current Solutions: 1) Expensive count error rate. 2) Slowness of the process. 3) High cost per man hours. 4) Unsafe process for human resources (work at heights). 5) Lack of inform


We are developing a service with autonomous drones that automate and substantially accelerate the INVENTORY CONTROL of goods of all kinds located in large warehouses and heights.


Autonomous Drone

Without relying on skilled human pilots, UNG Systems drones can take-off from their home locations, navigate in and around narrow aisles, and land precisely where required. This is possible despite the lack of GPS inside the warehouse. UNG Systems uses advanced robotics, automation and computer vision techniques and to make such indoor autonomous navigation possible, reliable, and repeatable. Developing a service with autonomous drones that automate and substantially accelerate the INVENTORY CONTROL of goods of all kinds located in department stores and heights.

Autonomous Drone

Operation Center

With only an Ethernet and a power connection, the UNG Systems ground station(s) can be made operational – with the ability to remotely manage a fleet of drones flying indoors. A trained operator can plan, execute and monitor inventory count missions, watch live video feeds, ensure safe operations, and step through location-wise barcode and image data, as need be.

Operation Center

Charging Pad

UNG Systems offers autonomous options for (re)charging drone batteries. The best option depends on your warehouse layout, target cycle count frequency, size of rack storage areas, and other inventory metrics that you wish to target. With precision landing built-in and mission plannings, UNG Systems drones land themselves on charging pads, charge themselves, and take off for the next count.

Detailed Reports

Besides location-wise data for bin labels and pallet/case barcodes, UNG Systems ensures that multiple images are captured and archived for each location. This data can then be used by warehouse stakeholders manually (for audits, second counts, etc.) – as well as by algorithms for object recognition, empty/full slot detection, etc.

Detailed Reports

WMS Integration

CSV-based data exports and imports may be good to start with, but UNG Systems can also push inventory data automatically into your warehouse management system using its APIs. Working with your internal IT and WMS support teams, data collected during drone inventory scans can be displayed and archived on the premise, in the cloud, or on backup storage. This is invaluable for internal and external inventory reconciliation by independent auditors, 3PL customers, and corporate stakeholders etc.

WMS Integration

In a nutshell

"the supply chain" is big. A multi-trillion dollar globalized industry that has started getting serious about automation, robotics and artificial intelligence starting in 2020. And it's the perfect time, but I guess you already knew that. Our mission is to help our customers, who are part of the global supply chain, to operate more efficiently, to help them integrate cutting-edge automation technology, supported by robotics and artificial intelligence, in the simplest way possible. While we like to develop very easy-to-use products, we promise that the results and ROI you get will be even more impressive.


UNG Systems offers this customer segment specific products designed to collect information collected by UAV and based on image processing / comparison / evolution; being able to generate a history of changes in infrastructures, environments or spaces for the conservation and maintenance of facilities, repairs, etc. reducing the cost of its operation and maintenance.


The speed of search and rescue during a disaster could make a difference. The possibility of transmitting images at a great distance, the speed in accessing the area, the possibility of thermally evaluating the environments, among other qualities are the points in favor of our flight platforms.


Drones facilitate stock control of products located in large spaces and high altitudes. Ungravity Drones offers you the possibility to better organize your work by increasing productivity. High efficiency, barcode and QR code reading, error reporting or empty warehouses, are some of the items that this service provides to large storage spaces.


The moniotreo through drones is indicated for the protection and perimeter security of large surfaces, open spaces, scenarios in which it would be very expensive and even in some cases impossible to control in its entirety. It is a reliable, efficient and excellent definition solution.


Through drones with high definition cameras, the best visuals of large areas of territory can be obtained to be used by private developers and governments for the study and analysis of the territory as support for planning and urban zoning processes in addition to photographic records, in addition to being able to re-elevate environments in 3D, calculate volumes of large fields or buildings, generate level plans, etc.


In the field of agriculture UNG Systems offers a point product for the measurement and collection of data with UAV more efficient, more profitable. Monitoring weeds and insects, green index, stress in vegetation and humidity, are some variables that you can control from the comfort of your pc / laptop / tablet and based on this, make decisions. All under a precise geo-referenced record.

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