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UNG Systems offers comprehensive solutions in the field of unmanned aircraft, developing and integrating the most advanced technology to meet the needs of our customers, mainly focused on maximizing their productivity while controlling expenses.
As a differential factor, UNG Systems will interact with the client in such a way that they perceive our services as simple, flexible and self-configurable solutions, for this we will orient our operations in that sense while we invest important items in R&D to provide continuously the most innovative solutions.
The value proposition of UNG Systems consists of providing our clients with a tool that in a simple and safe way allows them either to save costs compared to current tools or to open up new paths that were impossible until now, contributing to the improvement of their business.
In the first place, the UAVs are configured by UNG Systems according to the mission they are going to carry out (both in hardware and software), once configured, the UAV will be prepared to autonomously carry out the mission while collecting the necessary data.
These data are subsequently loaded according to the product that the client has acquired on their own server to proceed to its storage and processing, generating the reports that will be delivered to our clients, mainly through the platform provided by our software.

In the case of using our servers, through our website, our clients will be able to easily access different types of reports that will allow them to manage their business more efficiently, on this website they will not only see their own reports, there will be a library of reports that will allow them to compare themselves with others, thus contributing to continuous improvement in their activities.
Our platform will be accessible from any terminal with internet access and can be used from any device, be it laptops, smartphones or tablets. Through it we bring our ecosystem of services and applications closer to the client, designed to be used in a simple, flexible, self-configurable and fun way.
The management platform centralizes a large part of our loyalty strategy as it is specially designed so that the user perceives the user experience as an increased product, as a general rule, the value of the reports grows as a historical base is built, since that will allow to follow the evolution, compare, anticipate events or plan in a more adequate way.


UNG Systems develops and manufactures high-performance tactical surveillance systems for customers around the world. In an era of fast and dynamic events where intelligence is vital, UNG Systems provides the ability to effectively detect, gather, process, analyze and react in real time.


UNG Systems business activities include: Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems C4I systems Electro-optical systems and products. Technology spin-offs for commercial activities


Our goals are to combine excellence and profitability with excellent customer service and support, to offer high-quality turnkey solutions and enhance our clients' technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets.

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